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If you are on an entertainment selection committee  and would like to see a live performance in your area, please request this  in the   "message "  section above. Please enter the type of entertainment you are interested in & your location.

I will reply with an e-mail and your free passes. 
Please note - these passes are very limited  because most performances are private events. 


 I am confident that once you see a live performance

 You will Book a Show.   ***  Come & have FUN. ***

The Joy of Laughter

"Creating laughter warms my audience's heart & souls which to me is worth its weight in gold." 

                                                                Jim Steed

  Let's get Together & Have a Good Time.


For  promotional material, posters, references,

 and available dates please call or text -


This is my Florida 55+ Community Agent

Dudley Burchill  ( 352) 250-2598

 My Personal Goal

As an entertainer my goal has always been to see that  my audience is actively involved in the show and most importantly laughing and having a good time.

  ***** 100 % Guaranteed *****

                 To Make You Laugh

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