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         Video clips of my new show

               "Two Shows in One "  

            will be coming soon. 

                 Enjoy the following Show  Clip

            from my original  Comedy Illusion Show

   This performance was for an RV Park in Arcadia, Fl.

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          2 Uniquely Different Shows 

Comedy Illusion Show

This show features comedy, mystery, suspense and a touch of mindreading. By adding a few funny jokes & one liners between magic routines you have one fun filled event.

 I'd love to tell you every step that leads to uncontrollable laughter - but - as my wife says,  You Just Have To Be There. "

Speaking of laughs, wait till you see the " Escape from Shackles", it would have Harry Houdini rolling over in his grave.

Mindreading with a Twist of Humor

This is my new creation for 2017 - 18  season.

Mindreading ?  Is it possible  ?   How about with a twist of comedy ?

ESP Is it possible for audience volunteers to possess ESP

abilities ?

    All Routines unique and funny but the outcomes are



Two Shows in One 

This show is a combination of the best of my " Comedy Illusion Show " and my  "Mindreading with a Twist of Humor Show". This performance has been a hit of the 2017 season. After see this performance clients are requesting to see Act 2 and are booking it for the following year.