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 Jim is now retired from education and with over 25 years of performing experience has created is own unique solo comedy act he calls his Up Close and Personal Comedy Illusion Show. "  This is  an intimate, audience interactive show  where the unknown victims  - NO, I MEAN eager and willing volunteers - become the stars of the show.

Jim's success as an entertainer comes from the close, unique and trusting bond he develops with each volunteer. Through carefully crafted magical vignettes involving comedy, mystery and sometimes suspense the outcome is always the same - good ol' foot stomping comedy. As one lady said " I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants."

Seeing your friends interacting with Jim, laughing and having a good time makes each performance a hilarious and memorable experience. Jim has so much fun with his audience that he is willing to do all his shows for free but his wife insists he bring home the bacon.

There is only one problem with " Jim Steed's Up Close and Personal Comedy Illusion Show. "  Each show must post a pre-show Medical Alert.

                                               W a r n i n g

                                                                 attending this show may cause

                                                    Uncontrollable Laughter


Jim's talent as a comedian started when he was only 9 years old but stayed hidden for more than 30 years. It all started when Jim got the attention of his 4th grade teachers by secretly placing a sharp thumbtack on her seat. You could say this was his first standing ovation.

How could a quiet, rather shy farm boy from a small remote town of Homeworth, Ohio change himself into a unique and extremely funny comedian? One day he is milking a cow, playing basketball in HS, graduating from college, teaching and coaching; then, on a whim he teaches himself how to juggle , picks up a few magic tricks and starts his performing career as a street performer.

Back in the 90's Jim was juggling a full time teaching career and partnering with Ron Diamond performing around the country with their very successful magic show called

                      " Vegas on the Road. "

     The Evolution

             of a Comedian 

                                                    1947 - present

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